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About TBF

TBF I The Brands Forum powered by ESIMET is the Forum that will engage various and emerging industries in one place (fashion, automotive, pharmaceuticals, technology, etc.) designers, brand experts and strategists and architects in an effort to meet the ongoing emerging challenges by promoting the potential of Greece so  Greece can become more competitive at European and international level but also be established in an annual European meeting point of leading groups and companies where it will aim to promote sustainable and socially responsible development policies. 


As the world is experiencing change at a speed and intensity that is unprecedented, our mission will be to bring together the best group of people from the business elite around the world, governmental bodies, business as well as top brands and designers from USA, France, Italy etc countries but also brand strategists and researchers of all fields from abroad and at home, will contribute together in a context of reviving the business image of Greece so that Greece emerges as an investment choice country, which is ready and in adverse conditions to respond to any challenge.

Why 2022

This initiative of ESIMET - Association of Important Companies, will take place 2 years after the pandemic through which the global economic and social environment has changed and will change rapidly and will include key players from the private and public sector from both Greece and abroad.

  • How did the pandemic affect luxury goods and the market in general?

  • What tools were used by companies during the pandemic period to cope with these unprecedented conditions?

  • How were companies protected from the rise of counterfeit products,

  • How did new technologies help companies stabilize, do they still use them?

  • New technologies seemed to meet the expectations of companies;

  • Companies continue to invest in it;

  • How brands choose the country and city in which they will invest

....and many other questions that will be answered after a case study that is in progress in various economies and businesses.

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